Blackjack Drill Team at NATCON 2018

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 28, 2018 | Categories:


Recently the Blackjack Drill team, A-4, went to NATCON 2018, at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. NATCON is a drill competition against for Pershing Rifle drill teams. CMA is one of two high school Backjack Drill teams there, the rest of the teams are colleges. Blackjacks are an elite team of drill members around the country. Our unit, Camden Military academy A-4, is proud to be one of those elite teams in the country.
This year we went back to NATCON in Charlotte, every year the location changes. We left Thursday to go to the hotel and get prepared for the competition the next day. When we got to the hotel we dropped of our bags in the rooms, and got our rifles to started to practice. There was no time to play around. We were all focused one thing and that was the competition the next day. After practice, our coaches told us to go have fun before dinner. We were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge, which had an indoor water park. The whole team ran back to the rooms and changed into their bathing suits in a record time. When went down to the water park we had the best time ever. Towards the end of the day, we went back to our rooms and started to get uniforms ready for the next day. With our uniforms in check we went to bed knowing we had a big day planned next.
On that Friday, we all had our “A game” on, and we were ready to head over to the competition. As we got into our uniforms and ate breakfast everyone was silent. We all knew that we did not have time to lose focus. We loaded up into the vans to head over to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We got out and unload all the rifles and things we needed. During the competition we had a great time. I saw all the other teams competing and I knew everyone was serious and we had to do our best in order to place.
At the end of the day there was an award ceremony. We came in 3rd place and 2nd place for a lot of the smaller events. But what is most impressive is that we placed 3rd place Overall in the nation. We were not mad that we didn't come in 1st place, because we knew we our best, and we beat over 16 college teams. After everything was over we went back to CMA and the whole campus cheered for our accomplishment, It was great. I would definitely recommend cadets to join the Blackjack Drill team for all the experiences you can attain from being with the group.