Blackjack Drill Team

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 16, 2020 | Categories: General

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Blackjacks are an elite team of drill members with teams located around the country. Our unit, Camden Military academy A-4, is proud to be one of those elite teams. Blackjacks are the cream of the crop at CMA! When most people think about blackjacks, the only thing that they think of is rifle spinning but you have to master everything else before you can even begin to spin. Monday-Friday, from 4pm-5pm, the Blackjack team practices and drills. The Blackjack team also lasts the whole entire school year.

The US Army team are our mentors. They make the moves seem easy and like it takes no effort at all, but that is not the case. Every single part of the body has to be perfect, clean, and crisp. Facing movements, marching, and spinning must all be perfect. For example, judges at competitions deduct points for your feet being at a 47-degree angle instead a 45-degree angle.

Being on the Blackjack team at CMA is fun, but it takes a lot of work as the precise movements are not easy to master.

---Cadet Simmons