Bible Trivia with Chaplain Hunter

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 6, 2022 | Categories:

How do you make learning Bible History interesting and fun to stimulate learning? One way is to have a Bible Trivia contest with the students. During our last Saturday classes, the chaplain conducted a Bible Trivia contest with his 5th and 6th periods Bible History classes. Each class competed against the other by individually answering questions, and unscrambling a biblical name to identify the name of the person (in this case the person was the angel Gabriel). Additionally, each class was given the opportunity to act out a particular event from the New Testament. 5th period acted out Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, and the 6th period acted out Peter’s denial of being one of Jesus’ disciples during His arrest and trial. 5th period won the Bible Trivial contest by a landslide of more than 25 points. In the end, each student was rewarded with snacks (5th period was given more snacks because they won).