Benefits of Scouting

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 10, 2014 | Categories:

So - what are the benefits to being a scout at CMA?

1. You get to get off campus for fun stuff like camping fairly often.

2. You sometimes get to help the community at large with outings and service projects.

3. You learn how be self-sufficient, and cook, clean and work with fire and knives.

4. The training you receive might someday save a life.

5. There is a chance for community service hours needed for college applications.

6. The great outdoors.

7. You can learn how to lead others.

8. You make new friends

9. Making Eagle is something a 16 year old boy can do that be put on a resume for the rest of his life.

10. Even if don't make Eagle, spending time with a service organization still looks good on a beginning resume/college application