Becoming A Spartan (literally)!

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 12, 2021 | Categories: General, Athletics, Clubs

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For the last football game of the season, I had the opportunity to dress up as the school mascot for the football game! This was always something I had wanted to do ever since I came to CMA. To make this dream happen, I had to talk to Casey Robinson first to get his permission. Once I got that, I went on a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of the spartan costume. I asked Callis about the whereabouts of the armor. He told me that it was in possession of a cadet in Charlie Company, so that’s where we went. After obtaining the cuirass and the helmet, we had to find a spear somewhere. I realized we could just use a guidon without the flag! So we retrieved an old guidon from Band and Staff storage. Lastly was the shield. Captain Trapp had a shield hung up in his classroom that looked precisely like a hoplon (a Spartan shield). Unfortunately, he was not on campus anymore. I got his number from a football player and asked him for the shield, which he gladly approved. The next day, Captain Trapp dropped off the shield. Finally, I had all pieces to make this happen. I Cleaned the cuirass and applied super-glue to the lining of the helmet, which was falling off. Next, I buffed the helmet to a shine. Lastly, I put all the pieces on and clasped the straps together for a proper fit. I looked at myself in the mirror and adjusted the armor as necessary. After the march on, I quickly returned to the barracks to get changed into the costume. The Blue-Crew was there to help get all the pieces on me. Finally, I ran out to the football field to support our team by boosting our school spirit.

By Cadet Robert Luebken