Battalion SMI

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 8, 2014 | Categories: General

On December 11th Camden Military had their first Battalion SMI 2013-2014. Every cadet’s room was inspected by the cadet Battalion Commander and our Commandant. LTC Armstrong checked a couple of rooms in each company. The barracks inspection started at 9:00am. All cadets had to be in full dress uniform and was inspected by the Commandant or the Battalion Commander. All rooms were passed and every company did very well. At 10:30am, there was an in-ranks inspection. The Commandant went through the first platoon of each company and the Battalion Commander went through the second platoon. They would inspect and correct every single cadet’s uniforms. Every Company Commander would then pick their best looking cadet so the Commandant and BC would be able to decide which company would win the SMI.