Baseball Season is Here

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 8, 2015 | Categories: General, Athletics

Varsity Baseball started January 28th with 13 guys out and still more to come with winter sports wrapping up. There is a good mix of old boys and new boys, and also young and old. The biggest thing for the team this year is to find pitching and infielders as our outfield is back from last year. I am very excited about this group because of the potential that we have to win some ball games. We lack a little in the experience department, but hopefully can make up for that with hard work and learning the game. First game is February 28th.

This weeks blog:

The boys have continued to work hard and take pride in understanding what they will have to do to win some ball games this year. I am starting to see some leadership out of a few players and some of the younger guys are starting to understand what it takes to be a winner. We are still finding people that can play and help us this season and as coaches, we are very excited. This should be a good week of practice.