Baseball 2015 Season Recap

By: Casey Robinson on May 13, 2015 | Categories: General, Athletics

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Varsity Baseball

The varsity baseball season wrapped up its 2015 season on April 28th. The Spartans had a record of 3-9. The season started off hot with a tournament win at North Central in the Mid-Carolina Credit Union Baseball Bash. “I thought the season could have been better, but the inexperience we had got us sometimes. We also fought ourselves a lot this year. The guys competed real hard and worked hard to get better. You could see the improvement of the guys at the end of the year.” Coach Griff Beckham said. There were a lot of positives this year, as the Spartans had their first No-Hitter thrown under Coach Beckham. “Max Sheller has a good, live arm, and he had just one of those games this year where he missed a lot of bats and they hit some balls right at us. He has great potential to pitch at the next level.” said Coach Beckham. Leading the offensive charge this year for the Spartans were three returning seniors: Ian Benton, Davis Lord, and Xavier Anderson. “With these three guys in the lineup, we knew we had a good chance to do some damage offensively. I think they were 1, 2, and 3 finishing up in batting average on the season.” Beckham said. All in all, though this was not the season the Spartans wanted, there were bright spots and lots of learning. “Hopefully our young guys come back hungrier next year, have learned from the mistakes, get tougher, and have a will to win. I am very excited about next year’s season.” Coach Beckham says.

Junior Varsity Baseball

The junior varsity baseball team wrapped up its 2015 season April 28th also, like the varsity team. The junior Spartans had a record of 0-6. “This team was very young. As I think about the end of the season, we started one seventh grader and three ninth graders. Inexperience was a big part of both the varsity and JV teams, as you can see.” Coach Beckham said. Getting repetitions was a big goal of the coaching staff this year. “I felt that a lot of guys got some playing time this year, and that was big for us and for them. We got to see who was going to perform, and they got the experience. It helps us evaluate for what we have coming back next year and where we think people will help us next year.” said Coach Beckham. A standout this year on the JV team was Mason Van Loan, who did most of the catching for varsity and JV. I thought Jack Thurman, Brian Kluppel, and Jayce Golden had a pretty good year for us on JV. “With the players coming back, I think we could have a great baseball season next year.” said Coach Beckham.