Attorney General of SC Alan Wilson

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 16, 2014 | Categories: General, Athletics

On Tuesday, January 21, Cadets from CMA were enlightened by words of wisdom from Alan Wilson, Attorney General of South Carolina. In his speech, he tried to educate the Cadets about the dangers of sending inappropriate pictures to cell phones or other social networks. He even explained that it is a crime to send pictures of individuals who are minors and tht there are severe consequences this can have on augmenting a person's time spent in jail. It was very obvious that this topic sparked a lot of interesting questions from Cadets. Above all, the Attorney General talked about the danger of things done in younger years that could possibly prevent someone from getting a job. Today, there are many prospective employers that will check Facebook accounts and other social networks when considering applicants. After he talked about the importance of using social media responsibly, Attorney General Wilson highlighted his successful military career. He told the Cadets that even though he did not do as well as he could have done in college, once he had his mind and goals set, he was very determined to pass the LSAT and have a career as a lawyer.