Attending Military School with Learning Challenges

By: Casey Robinson on Jul 18, 2019 | Categories: General

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Attention Deficit Disorder is described as impaired concentration, hyperactivity or underactivity, procrastination, disorganization, and boredom. Other students face issues with dyslexia, dysgraphia or other mild learning challenges. Doesn’t that sound like almost every teenage boy? Well, all the young men at Camden Military Academy do not have learning challenges but they do learn differently. Some students can sit in a class and soak up information while others take pages of note. Whether you know how you learn best or need improvement, Camden can help.

Teachers at CMA spend outside of class time assisting students in study hall and extra tutoring. Reasons for this? They care and want to help you figure out how you learn. Camden offers class size averages of 15 students and believes in a traditional approach to education. CMA actually uses text books!

The class schedule is also traditional. Block scheduling seems to offer little benefit to teenage boys so no more hour and a half long class. Male students on average due better in six forty-five min classes.

The support offered at Camden is there for students facing mild challenges. Will your son have the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities?