Atlanta Trip

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 1, 2013 | Categories:

Tree On Bus

On the Atlanta Trip, we drove for about five hours. After we got to the Marriott Hotel, we stayed there for about an hour. At 6:15 we got back on the charter bus and went to Cici’s Pizza for dinner which was good. After about thirty minutes, we get back on the bus and went to the Hawks vs. Raptors game, and we all had a great time. When the game was over, we got back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning we packed up our stuff and met in the lobby at 7:30, but unfortunately a tree had fallen on our bus during the night. The bus was not damaged too bad, but we were about an hour and a half behind. We then went to the Martin Luther King, Jr. museum. Then we went to the World of Coke. Everybody had a pretty good time there. We watched a video and we got to try 65 different types of coke. There was some cool stuff in the gift shop. We went to the Golden Coral and then made the trip back to CMA.

Robert Gordon, 7thGrade