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By: Casey Robinson on Mar 5, 2012 | Categories:

Camden Military Academy Archaeological Society will travel to the Johnson Kolb Site in the Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve in Darlington County on Wednesday, March 7th. At the site (38da75), cadets will excavate artifacts from as early as 13,500 years old, from all the phases of American prehistory, from the early settlement of Johannes Kolb in 1730, and from slave dwellings of the 19th Century.

Upon arrival, CMAAS cadets will enjoy a tour of the site, now in its 15th year of excavation. Then Sean Taylor will give a demonstration of primitive tool and fire-making technologies. Following this, cadets will be divided into teams of three (an excavator, a screener and a recorder) and will excavate 50cm x 50cm units. As well as excavation, they will learn techniques for mapping, note taking and archaeological photography.