Another Proud Parent of a Current Cadet

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 3, 2014 | Categories: General

My son, Alex, began Camden Military Academy as a means to improve his academic performance and his behavioral issues in the summer of 2013. Prior to that, Alex was failing in all but P.E. at a local public middle school in Charlotte, NC where we live. In addition to his poor academic record, Alex had begun demonstrating behavioral issues over the course of the last 2-3 years that began to mandate some type of alternate lifestyle changes for himself as well as our family. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to come to the decision to have Alex attend a school where he would not be residing in our residence 24/7 but after looking at all possible scenarios, it was the only choice my husband and I felt we had, in order to be able to help Alex.

After making that decision, we knew we had to find a school that would teach Alex how to improve his learning abilities, form steadfast positive study habits and objectives, and grow in his behavioral choices by reinforcing structure scholastically as well for personal maturity of self.

Alex has attended Camden for the last year and I cannot say enough about the security it has brought to me as well as pride in my son and joy for him in his academic successes during this time. In less than 1 year, he has went from a failing student to one that is well above average academically. It's been years since Alex has passed all his subjects and I'm happy to say he will finish out the year passing all of his courses and begin High School at Camden this Fall.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with the staff at Camden over the last year many, many times- from my first phone call with Casey Robinson in Academics, to the nurses (Rachel and Denise), to the Commanding Officers (Ergenkoff)... they have all watched over and treated Alex with the respect and care that I could only hope for. It amazes me that there are more than 300 students on campus with the follow up I get concerning Alex. Behaviorally, Alex is continuing to improve as he witnesses the actions, continuity, and performance based acknowledgement that Camden students seem to thrive on.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of the Camden folks I correspond with regularly and those I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet. In a year, you have made a difference in just the way Alex acts and reacts in our home, and have taught all of us that his capabilities exceed even what I thought was his potential. Alex has more room to grow in his next few years and I hope that Camden continues to help mold him throughout.

Thank you again.

Heidi Hogan