Another Proud Parent

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 1, 2014 | Categories: General

My son Chris has been attending Camden Military Academy for 3 years. I knew when we dropped him off that first day this was the place for him. The best part is that he knew it too. After his first two weeks there I could tell my son had changed. He was no longer impulsive in his decision making. He thinks about his actions before he acts. Since his father is currently serving in the US Army, we may have to move soon, leaving Chris at CMA. We have had serious conversations about him attending CMA if we are not central to Camden, SC. Chris realizes CMA is the school that will allow him to be presented with opportunities he would not be privy to in public school. His commitment to CMA along with his dedication to academic advancement will lead to successful future. 2014/2015 will be his last year at CMA and I couldn't be more proud to support CMA and the opportunities they have provided to our son.
SFC and Mrs. John Vernau