An Email from a Campus Visitor

By: Casey Robinson on May 18, 2014 | Categories: General

This is not a question, but I wanted to tell you about the nice experience I had while visiting on May 1, for a soccer game. My son's team (GSSM) played CMA on Thursday evening. The young man we stopped for directions was very polite and helpful in helping us find the field. As we were settling down in the bleachers, a young man wearing CMA althetics (PT uniform?) sat among us. The game started, and he struck up a conversation with my daughter, and my husband and I joined in. The young man was polite, respectful, said "yes ma'am", "yes sir" and etc. He was well spoken and very well mannered and when he left he told us good bye and told us to have a safe trip home. As a military BRAT, and being around this type of behavior growing up, it was very nice to see it at a young age. As a teacher, I always try to send "good notes" home to students. Please consider this a "good note" :-) Who the cadet is, we hope you can figure out. We only know that his name was Logan, he is from Florida, and is in 10th grade. Our experience at Camden was very positive, and we will be happy to tell those we know who are looking for such a school, about CMA. Have a great day. Sandra Y.