An Admissions Update

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 12, 2022 | Categories:

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Camden Military Academy is currently operating at capacity! 2022 summer applications and new 2022 school year applications for new cadets have been uploaded to the website. Re-enrollment applications are being prepared for returning cadets! Needless to say, it is a very busy time of the year in admissions.

CMA recently welcomed over 35 new cadets for the start of the second semester. Therefore, the current enrollment is in the mid 290s and very close to our capacity of 302. Due to COVID, CMA will not be accepting any additional new students mid-semester in an attempt to achieve some form of new normalcy on our campus within the guidelines of CMA’s self-imposed COVID protocols.

The academy will offer one session of our summer program. This year’s summer program begins on July 10 and concludes on July 29. Summer camp will be offered to students currently enrolled in grades 6-8, and summer school will be available to high school students. More information is available on the academy’s website.

We have already received a number of new applications for next school year, and re-enrollment applications will be emailed to all of our current cadets in late February. There will be more information emailed to parents in the coming weeks.