Alumni Reflection - William Ritchie (Class of 2022)

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 3, 2023 | Categories: General, Academic

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Attending Camden Military Academy was a turning point in my life. My first two years in high school were a struggle both academically and behaviorally. My teachers and parents tried, but their methods weren’t reaching me. Things just weren’t clicking and I began to think college was not going to be part if my future. My parents learned about CMA and gave me the option to try it my junior year. Deep down I knew I was heading in the wrong direction at home, so I agreed. When I showed up to CMA everything changed. The structure, small classes and support I received were what exactly what was missing in my life. It was challenging in a way that helped me grow stronger mentally and physically. Soon I found myself growing into a young adult who wanted more for my life. I learned how to set goals and find my own motivation to better myself. The better I did, the more trust and responsibility I received. I learned first hand the importance of my word and as a student, son and friends. As my character and spiritual well being grew stronger, so did my confidence. I liked the person I was becoming - someone not afraid to try new things. I learned I could push myself harder and, if I failed, I was capable of bouncing back and learning something new from every experience. The teachers, TAC officers, administrators and a diverse group of fellow cadets helped me develop a roadmap to guide my life after high school - one that I am proud to call my own.

The summer after graduating from CMA I attended Army Basic Training and I am now a proud member of the Army. I matriculated to The Citadel a week after basic training and will finish my freshmen year in just a few more months. Thanks to the foundation I built at CMA I am growing as a student and enjoying the chance to acquire knowledge and skills that will help me be a stronger person and good citizen of our world.

I can’t know for sure what life would have been like if I had stayed in my hometown rather than attend CMA but I can’t imagine it would be anywhere close to as fulfilling as the journey I am on today. CMA changed the trajectory of my life forever.

- Cadet William Ritchie - Class of 2022