Academic Overview

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 19, 2016 | Categories: General, Academic

College Writing - Cadets in Cpt. Spratt's college writing class are working on a research project for National History Day. This year's theme is “Exploration, Encounters, and Exchange.” Cadets are writing about how particular individuals, events, and ideas have changed the course of history in some significant way. Cadets will submit their papers to the National History Day contest for judges to review at the end of this month. The national contest event takes place in June in Washington, D.C.

Photography – David Marshall’s photography class recently finished their "Little Things" project. Cadets chose a random small object from a bag, and then had to include that object in a photograph. The students decided whether to make the object the main subject of each photo, or just an interesting background accessory.

Criminology - Cadets in Coach Thomley’s criminology class enjoyed a presentation from South Carolina State Trooper Matt Southern. Students learned what the functions and capabilities of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Art Appreciation - Alice Thaxton's art appreciation class learned about Picasso’s and Braque’s influence during the Cubism movement. Cadets created artwork was based on African sculpture and masks, which are showcased around the academic hall.