A New Year

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 13, 2010 | Categories: Academic


I would like to thank all of the students, parents and friends for their patience during registration. It was a busy day and your cooperation allowed us to start the academic year on a positive note. This year I have been especially pleased with the behavior of our young men. Being away from home, adjusting to a new environment and going to school can be trying under the best circumstances. When you think of what we ask our young men to accomplish during the first month of school you begin to understand why many look forward to their first furlough and a time to relax. Yes, we do ask a lot of the young men that attend Camden Military Academy. New boys are immediately exposed to a world of standards. Regardless of age they are expected to master the art “following”; a tough concept for young boys with their own ideas on how things should run. Uniforms, haircuts, making beds, being on time all coupled with homesickness make life interesting for both parents and faculty. Returning cadets find Camden Military Academy has increased expectations and additional leadership responsibilities. Parents of our leaders would laugh as they complain to their Tactical Officers about “young boys not listening – and refusing to clean their rooms”. All of these challenges provide a unique learning environment for your son and I hope that you are as impressed as I am with these boys experience as they are asked to accept responsibility – first for themselves and later for other cadets.

As the year continues we welcome your comments and suggestions. If there is something we can do immediately to improve the school please feel free to call me at (803) 432-6001 or 3889.

Thank you again for your great support!