A Look Back at Homecoming Day

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 7, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic

Homecoming Picii

Homecoming day was a very busy day for the cadets at CMA, we had a parade, a march on, a visitor tour, a SMI, a SAT test and a football game.
Cadets of Charlie Company started our day by engaging in SMI, which is Saturday Morning Inspection. Rooms must be clean and perfect. We have to have a SMI on homecoming day because we will be having people, such as alumni and other civilians, coming through our barracks and we want the barracks to look its best.
After the SMI, Charlie Company had a break from the daily routine by having a special lunch in the barracks. After the lunch break, the whole company had to get ready for the parade. We all got dressed and waited for the cadets who took the SAT to comeback from doing their test at Camden High.
We formed up in front of the barrack and had a full rank inspection. This is where we went through thoroughly one by one inspecting each cadet’s parade uniform and personal appearance.
After the uniform was checked we marched as a company to the armoury to draw our weapons. The rifle that we use was the M1 grand, the wooden iron was used in WW2. In the parade we performed the following rifle movements: right shoulder, left shoulder, port present and order arm.
Later on, we formed up in front of the dining facility awaiting commands from the battalion commander which was Cadet Captain Ryan Morales, captain of the Charlie Company. Captain Morales made Charlie Company proud!
The parade was hot and tiring. It was the 3rd time for the new cadets to use weapons this year. But for some was their 1st time doing it. The parade went perfectly. The execution of the rifle movements was synchronized through the whole company. After the parade, we went and stored our weapons. Then we marched and repositioned next to the armoury to get ready for the march on. March on is when we all march as a whole battalion and make 2 parallel lines to welcome and honour our football players
The day was long and somewhat exhausting. After all those efforts, we were rewarded with a cook out. Because we had such a great homecoming weekend, LTC Armstrong granted every company sleep in on Monday morning—a truly great reward!