A Camden Ghost Story

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 31, 2013 | Categories: General


During the last week of October, CMA cadets experienced a bit of the “Halloween Spirit” as they practiced early one morning. They got up, dressed, cleaned their rooms, ate breakfast, and headed onto the CSM Martain Parade Field for practice for the November 2 Homecoming Parade. What a fitting, and somewhat scary, scene as the cadets marched on and lined up into the fog. The young cadets of the cannon detail at the flagpole and the cadets of Delta Company couldn’t see down the field, as the tunes flowed out of the band members’ instruments nor view the battalion staff officers standing for inspection. What a spooky morning it was amidst a campus with such a rich history, training young pilots next door at the airport back in the 1940’s for World War II, and one thinks of what ghosts might linger from the time period or the old campus folklore tale about the “Dogman.”