A Typical Day at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 18, 2021 | Categories: General

I am a 2nd LT of Delta Company, and my name is Donovan Dolan. Wake-ups at Camden Military are nice but a little stressful at times. When we wake up, we have a formation for accountability; afterward, all the cadets go back to their rooms and begin to clean for the daily inspection. I usually wake up about thirty minutes early to clean my room to check on my cadets and their rooms. Once the rooms are inspected, the platoon sergeant and I check the fallouts (barracks cleanliness). If everything passes inspection, we allow the cadets to relax for a little to get in the right mindset for the day. At 7:00 am, we form up the company and march over to the mess hall for breakfast. Once breakfast is over, we usually have an activity to do, such as PT, LET class, Drill, or parade practice. These activities typically take about an hour. When we get back to the barracks, we have about thirty minutes to get ready for classes. Classes start at 9:30 am every day, depending on what day it is, the tutorial is at different times. On Mondays, the tutorial is after first period, Tuesdays it is after second period, and Wednesday through Friday it's after third period.

Once school is over, all cadets go back to their barracks for the briefing. After this, they are released on free time. During this time, cadets are allowed to go to the weight room, basketball gym, football field, run the track, etc. Free time ends at 5:30 pm so that cadets have time to get dressed for the 6:00 pm formation for dinner. When cadets go to dinner, we have them wearing a mask when not eating. When cadets are up in line to get food, we have dots spacing every cadet six feet apart and use hand sanitizer before they grab their food. Dinner usually takes about an hour since there are a lot of cadets. Once dinner is over, the cadets form up and head back to the barracks for study hall. This is the time used to get homework done for the next day. After a long hard-working day and study hall, the cadets start to get ready for lights out. This is the time where they do their personal hygiene and fluff their pillows for bed. At 10:00 pm, “Taps” plays, and the cadets know it is time for bed. All cadets turn their lights out and get into bed to get a good night's sleep for the next day.