A Few Great Things About CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 30, 2019 | Categories: General

There are several things that I believe makes CMA the best choice for me. First, learning to become a leader and effectively manage time is huge. For example, if you play a sport and you are on the chain of command, you have to know how to manage your time to fit everything into your schedule and this will help prepare me for the future. Secondly, I enjoy the brotherhood at CMA. I have made many close friends from all over the country and world. Cadets become close and like brothers because you are literally together 24/7. These friendships feel real and like they will last a lifetime. Next, CMA’s teachers are the best. The teachers and staff will help you to succeed. They truly care and are always there to help you, especially if you are struggling. Lastly, I really like the new the Charlie barracks! We went from living in the old Dallas barracks to what looks like a modern hotel-upgrade!

by: Cadet Ryan Neely