A Different Perspective

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 14, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

As a cadet at CMA, always being on campus makes you look at things that you may have taken for granted. Little things seem to be bigger than what they used to be before I began attending CMA. For example, we have movie trips almost once a week, and around ten cadets from each company get to go off-campus and interact with each other, make new friends, and take time to relax and just enjoy being off of campus. When I go on a movie trip, I am looking forward to meeting someone from another company and finding someone who shares the same interest as me. These trips are also a great reward for the people who do good and are always working hard. Cadets get to just take a little break and enjoy a nice movie with some friends. Even with COVID restrictions in place, the CMA administration has made arrangements for cadets to go to the movies and play paintball so we can still get off campus for a little while and still be safe from COVID.

- Cadet Devin Watley