A Day at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 1, 2021 | Categories: General

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A day at Camden will seem confusing or hard to some people. Every morning the OC[Officer in Charge] will call every TAC on the campus and tell them what the day's uniform is. Usually, if it is not raining, you would be wearing the class uniform, but you'd wear ACU's [ Army Combat Uniform] on rainy days. After you get dressed in the uniform of the day, you would do something called fallouts, which is where you clean the barracks and clean outside the barracks. Then there would be a battalion formation at 0700 for breakfast. After breakfast is finished, there is either drill, with or without weapons, parade practice, physical training (PT), or TAC time. Parade practice is how we practice for ceremonies and special occasions.

After you are done with parade practice, you'd go back to your barracks and get ready for school, starting at 0930. The school schedule is somewhat like a regular school but just not as long. Every class is around 40 minutes, and there is also something called a tutorial. A tutorial is a time for you to go ask your teachers questions or ask for help with your schoolwork. After the first three periods, you will go back to your barracks and get ready for lunch which is at 1200. Once your company is finished eating lunch, you go back to your barracks and get your books and bag for your next periods.

After school, if you play a sport, you'll go to your practice or games, and if you don't play a sport, you are released on free time until 6:00 pm. Once free time is over, you'll get back into your uniform of the day and get ready for retreat. Retreat is a ceremony that signifies the end of the day. The band will play the national anthem and lower the flag. Once retreat is over, you will go to dinner. Then you will have study hall which starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:00pm. After study hall, you'll get ready for bed and get your bags packed for the next day and finish any homework you didn't complete during study hall.

--by Cadet Abrams