A Cadet Prospective: Charlie Duke

By: Casey Robinson on May 9, 2023 | Categories: General

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Throughout my time here, people always ask me if I enjoy CMA? I always give them the same answer, it's military school, but I love it. At Camden Military Academy, I have been able to make friendships and connections that I know will last a lifetime while also being able to make a name for myself in the real world. I don't particularly enjoy having to wake up at 6 everyday, cleaning my room, and wearing a uniform, but I do enjoy having my own responsibilities and not having somebody else looking over my shoulder correcting my every move. At CMA I get to lead my peers because I have worked and earned my position, it was never just given to me. I've earned every title, award, and medal given to me. I have been able to meet people from all over the world, of every race and religion under the sun. It has given me such a positive outlook on how everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses, it's all about finding the group that accepts your weaknesses and uses your strengths to accomplish a goal in the simplest and fastest way possible. When I graduate I am really going to miss the brotherhood and the camaraderie of school, but I know it will have been a good piece of growth in my life!

- Charlie Duke (Class of 2024)