2016-2017 Drama Club by: LTC. Hartley

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 20, 2017 | Categories: Clubs

Drama Mask

The Bullying Play in September was a humorous play that the cadets of CMA wrote and enacted. It was a very well written script which portrayed the writers views on bullying very well. It showed that bullying would not be tolerated here or anywhere else. The House of No Return, written in October by cadets Duncan and Smithwick was the first original horror play featured by Camden Military Academy. Before...CMA only played "The Tale Tell Heart" during Halloween. The play featured a mix of humor and horror as demons swarmed throughout the house killing numerous children on a trip throughout the country. The last play that the cadets featured was "The Miracle" during Christmas. A heartfelt play written by cadet Covington and enacted by the Drama Club. In the play, a young boy is brought to the brink of death before being miraculously saved by an angel. This year, the drama club has been increasingly successful and awaits next year, where they will feature three more exciting plays