Alumni Association


Revised 10/21/06


SECTION 1.01 Nature

This organization is an unincorporated association formed under the
sponsorship of the Trustees of Camden Military Academy and by the agreement
of alumni of Camden Academy, Camden Military Academy, and Carlisle Military
School convened for that purpose.

SECTION 1.02 Name

The name of this organization is "Camden-Carlisle Alumni Association."
It may be herein referred to as the "Association."

SECTION 1.03 Government

The Alumni Council:
The Alumni Council will be composed of a President, Vice Presidents, Headmaster, three immediate past Presidents, Association Historian, and Alumni Coordinator. The Alumni Council will meet annually. It might also be called to meet by the President to handle special or unscheduled needs. Additionally, a special meeting may be called by any three of the above. The Association may not enact any rule, regulation, purpose, or activity which is considered inappropriate by the Board of Trustees. The Headmaster and Headmaster Emeritus may serve as ex-officio members with voice and vote on the Alumni Council and Committees within the Association.

Executive Committee:
The President may appoint an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, one or more Vice Presidents, one Past President and the Alumni Coordinator. Decision reached by the Executive Committee will immediately be reported to the Alumni Council by mail and ratified at the next Alumni Council meeting.


SECTION 2.01 Members

The members of the association shall be:

  1. Any person who has attended Camden Academy, Camden Military Academy or Carlisle Military School for one or more academic years may be granted full membership with all rights and privileges of the Association.
  2. Individuals who have served on the Board of Trustees of Camden Academy or as a member of the faculty of Camden Military Academy or Carlisle Military School for a period of one or more academic years.


SECTION 3.02 General purposes

  1. The advancement of Camden Military Academy and its interests.
  2. To strengthen the bonds of friendship and comradeship among alumni.
  3. The promotion of amicable relations between the Academy, its faculty and staff, parents and cadets.
  4. To establish and maintain school, decade, and class networks.
  5. To expand and maintain Association records and School directories.

SECTION 3.03 Special purposes

  1. To provide information to alumni concerning the Association and Camden Military Academy.
  2. Organize and hold Alumni reunions.
  3. To assist in recruiting quality students
  4. To assist graduates seeking employment.
  5. To locate missing alumni and to keep the Alumni Coordinator’s office informed of changes to member status.



  1. The Alumni Coordinator is an employee of Camden Military Academy and is supervised by the Headmaster. The Alumni Coordinator is a member of the Alumni Executive Council.
  2. The Alumni Coordinator is the point of contact between the association, the school and its members.


SECTION 5.01 Removals

  1. The Alumni Council or, in an emergency, the Executive Committee can remove an appointed or elected officer or volunteer for cause which they deem sufficient.
  2. The removal will be approved by majority vote.
  3. No such action will be implemented until approved by the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 5.02 Vacancies

The Executive Committee may fill vacancies using information provided by the Alumni Coordinator, Association officers or any other reliable source. Consideration will be given to members that have shown a continuing interest, support, and the ability to perform the duties of the vacant position.


SECTION 6.01 The Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will be scheduled each July. The Alumni Coordinator will notify the Executive Committee of the time and place not later than one month and again at two weeks prior to the planned date. Any and all members of the Association may attend any meeting of the Executive Committee providing notification of attendance has been provided to the Alumni Coordinator forty hours in advance.

SECTION 6.02 Special meetings

  1. Special meetings may be called by the president to address issues in need of quick resolution. Notification may be made by telephone or email.
  2. Special meeting may also be called upon request of any three members of the Executive Committee.


SECTION 7.01. General

  1. Funds required to carry out the purposes of the Association shall be provided by the Treasurer of the Academy in accordance with procedures and authorizations established by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Funds received by the Association from any source whatsoever will be remitted to the Academy Treasurer. Normally such funds will be considered general funds.
  3. Designated gifts will be used for the purpose intended by the giver if the purpose is acceptable to the Board of Trustees.


SECTION 8.01 Annual Meeting

The Association Constitution may be amended by majority vote of the Alumni Council convened at their annual meeting if written notice has been provided to all Council members two weeks prior to the annual meeting. If passed, the amendment shall not take affect for ninety days or until approved by the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 8.02 Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by any three members of the Alumni Council. The Association Constitution can be amended by a majority vote of the Alumni Council convened at a special meeting, but only if notice of the question shall be given to the Council with the meeting notice. All changes must have the approval the Board of Trustees prior to implementation.