The next availability to enroll at Camden Military Academy is January 2021. The academy will be accepting the first 25 qualified applicants!

Our campus is currently "closed." There can be no visitors on campus until further notice due to COVID. However, you can view a virtual tour of campus by clicking here.

Please continue to check the open house schedule on our website for any upcoming virtual or on-campus (after December 4) open house opportunities.

Steps to Apply

Please pay close attention to all of the information on this page regarding application, acceptance and registration. Please note that deadlines are important and will be strictly enforced. There will be no flexibility in the requirements and guidelines.

In order to apply, an online application must be completed and submitted along with the $100 application fee. You will be asked to submit "unofficial" transcripts as soon as possible. Camden will request the official transcripts at a later time. Unofficial transcripts could be screenshots from a parent portal or transcripts faxed or emailed from his previous school.

An interview is also required of each applicant. Please click this link to schedule an interview. The interview cannot be held until the application and unofficial transcripts are received. Interviews can be via phone or zoom.


All cadets that are accepted for the second semester will be notified via email once a decision is reached. The parents can also contact CMA for an admissions update 48 hours after the interview if you have not yet been contacted.

What's Next?

There are several steps that a cadet's family must complete following the acceptance of their student.

1. Read and complete all forms in the Parent Handbook and Enrollment Forms.

2. Pay tuition which will be due by December 18, 2020. However, one of the 25 available spots are not secured until the tuition is paid (we ask that tuition down payment be paid within 72 hours of receiving the admissions offer). Don't wait too late!

3. A negative COVID-19 test must be presented on registration day. The cadet must receive the results from the test within 48 hours of his chosen registration date. Please plan accordingly when choosing your day and time to report. Any cadet who shows up to register without the negative test result dated less than 48 hours from his report time will not be allowed to enroll. After tuition has been paid, you will be sent a link to schedule a registration day and time that best suits your schedule.

4. Read all of the academy's posted COVID policies listed on the Student/Parent Resources page of our website.

The parent handbook, enrollment forms, tuition information, COVID policies and more important information can be found by clicking here.

Important Dates

As soon as possible-- submit the application, unofficial transcripts and complete the interview.

December 18, 2020-- all enrollment forms and tuition due

January 6, 7, 8, 2021-- new cadet registration by previously scheduled appointment

Reminders and Helpful Tips

  • Download the Camden Military Academy App
  • Tuition can be paid online (or in app)- click here
  • We accept wire transfer- contact finance office for information
  • Packing list is included in the Parent Handbook
  • Must have a complete physical before enrolling (or no more than 1 calendar year old)
  • A copy of the cadet's birth certificate is also required

Who do I contact?

Mr. Casey Robinson, Director of Admissions, 803-432-6001,

Mrs. Brandee Young, Finance, 803-424-5616,

Ms. Kathy Sherrill, Admissions/Enrollment Forms, 803-432-6001,

Ms. Crystal Knight, Registrar/Transcripts/Scheduling, 803-432-6001,

Col. John Heflin, Dean of Students, 803-432-6001,

Camden Military Academy looks forward to helping your son achieve his true, maximum potential!