Military School Domestic Tuition

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2019-2020 Expenses

Please note that the Monthly and Camden Plans are designed to give parents flexibility in providing their sons with a Camden Military Academy education. Families that opt for one of these plans are expected to remit the total payment due on the date indicated without any notification.

Full Payment Plan
Application Fee$100.00
Uniform Fee*$2,195.00



Academy Payment Plan
Application Fee$100.00
Uniform Fee*$2,195.00
Payment$7,145.00Due Oct. 31
Payment$7,145.00Due Dec. 31



Monthly Payment Plan
Application Fee$100.00
Uniform Fee*$2,195.00
Down Payment$11,895.00
Monthly Payments$1,450.00Due Monthly (Sept 1 - May 1)**



Camden Payment Plan
Application Fee$100.00
Uniform Fee*$2,195.00
Down Payment$6,505.00Due June 20
Monthly Payment$1,875.00Due Monthly (Aug 1 - May 1)**



* A uniform issue is required of new cadets only.

** Payments are due on the first day of each month.

*** Senior tuition is $375.00 higher than the tuition totals above.

Note: Full tuition payment is required for international students upon entrance. A separate page outlining cost for international students is available here.


TUITION — This fee covers instruction and room and board. It does not include spending money, special medical care beyond the facilities of the infirmary, driver's education, flying lessons, or willful destruction of property. Parents are billed on a monthly basis for extra charges incurred.

Financial Obligation

The cost of operating the Academy must be budgeted on an annual basis. For this reason cadets are accepted the entire school year, and upon entrance a valid and binding contract is in force for the entire school year. In the event of dismissal or withdrawal, the balance of growth and other charges, less credits, becomes immediately due and payable. Credit of only $600.00 per month will be given for that portion of the school year the student is not in attendance.

Additionally, because the Academy's budget is tuition driven, payments are required in a timely fashion. Any payment not received in the Academy's business office by the date due will be assessed a $10.00 late charge. As stated in the contract, should any amount become delinquent, grades and transcripts will be held until the account is settled. Delinquent accounts may be forwarded to an outside agency for collection. Failure to make payments by the due date may result in a cadet's separation.

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