Why Camden?

Camden Military Academy offers an exceptional education at an affordable price. The curriculum is traditional, but we do not believe that education is “one size fits all.” Our 40-minute, six classes per day typically have 12 or fewer students allowing for individual attention that each student needs and deserves. At Camden, we realize everything cannot be learned from a textbook, so our cadets are surrounded by strong male mentors who teach, coach, and lead the young men daily.


Camden Military Academy is the most affordable military boarding school in the United States.* Our tuition is approximately $10,000 less than other military schools. However, affordability does not negatively impact quality. CMA offers state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms, modern facilities, and 13 sports. Our belief is that the quality of a school is based on its teachers and mentors, and CMA has highly devoted, morally sound, dynamic, and tenured faculty and administration. While Camden offers a reasonable tuition, we realize that it is not cheap but what is a more important investment than your son’s future?!

Traditional Military School

CMA is proud to offer a very traditional military boarding school experience. The classrooms rely on textbooks, not technology. Students learn to socialize with others while reducing screen time. Additionally, our mission is to develop young men “wholly”- academically, spiritually, and morally. Camden is a place where boys are allowed to be boys while transforming into men! In other words, CMA has remained true to its roots by continuing to offer an all-boarding, all-male, college preparatory environment.

*ranked by boardingschoolreview.com