Camden Military Academy accepts students at any time throughout the school year!


Many parents make the decision to give their student “one more chance” to prove himself at his local school before beginning the enrollment process at Camden. Interim reports and/or report cards are then distributed and things haven’t improved as promised-a change is needed. Sound familiar? Camden Military can make the current school year count and improve the current academic situation by insuring homework is completed, offering small classes and individual attention, fewer distractions as well as providing daily structure.


Some parents want to wait until the start of the second semester to enroll their students. There are many things to consider before transferring at the start of second semester, especially the ability to improve grades and avoid losing credits. Most of the time, sooner is better than waiting.

Students who are enrolled in a traditional academic schedule currently usually can make the transfer seamlessly. However, if your student is currently enrolled a block schedule at his local school, enrolling at the beginning of second semester could put the student at a disadvantage. For example, if a student takes his final exams and is enrolled in a block schedule, his grade in that class cannot be improved. However, in most cases, if a student does not take his final exams, he can enroll at Camden and continue improving his academic standing in the class. Even if your son completes his final exams, a transfer can still occur but he may be more limited in the improvement of certain grades/subject areas.

It is imperative to contact Camden as soon as possible when considering a transfer. After review of his unofficial transcripts, our academic department can help determine the optimal time for a transfer.


An online application should be completed first. Once CMA receives the application, you will receive an email requesting unofficial academic records as well as a link to schedule an interview for your student. The interview can be conducted on campus, by phone or zoom. Once the the admissions decision is made (usually within 1-2 days), you will be notified of the decision and emailed the Enrollment Forms and next steps.

Please call 803-432-6001 or email with any questions!